A man drinking alcohol while driving

Drunk Driving Lawsuit

Who can be sued for financial compensation in a drunk driving lawsuit? Our law firm’s DWI attorneys and DUI lawyers can seek payments for your family from a variety of sources.

A DUI lawsuit can target the driver who drove drunk and was arrested for intoxication assault or intoxication manslaughter. This may involve legal action against the drunk driver’s insurance company, provided he or she was insured.

Also, if the drunk driver was at the wheel of a commercial vehicle for an employer, then that employer can be held liable for a drunk driving injury or death caused by that employee.

DWI lawsuits also can target those who served or sold the alcohol that made the driver intoxicated, particularly if the driver was under age drinking age (which in Texas is 21). This can be done by means of applying “dram shop” laws.

What’s more, if parents hosted an event at which teens were served alcohol, and one of those teens then caused a DWI injury or death, those parents are legally liable by means of “social hosting” laws.

Over 85,000 persons were arrested for drunk driving in Texas in 2011. That means they had blood alcohol content, or BAC, of 0.08 or higher, the standard set by Texas law.

Independently of BAC, a driver can be considered driving while intoxicated if he or she is impaired in any way. This can happen after downing two or three drinks in one hour, although for women and teens, just one or two drinks in an hour can produce a 0.08 BAC.

Legal Help

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