Poor Nightclub or Apartment Security

Nightclubs, Apartment complexes, Restaurants, and Malls can be sued for attacks or assaults on their premises

You may have a case if you were harmed by an attack, assault or other injury on their property. These businesses must provide adequate security if there is a risk to their customers or tenants.

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A nightclub, similar to an apartment complex, can be held legally responsible for injuries occurring on the business property. Under the theory of premises liability, a nightclub may be liable for guest injuries on the property caused by a bar employee’s negligence.

For example, if you are a nightclub customer who is attacked or assaulted anywhere on the property, the court may agree that the nightclub is liable and must pay for your damages. Or if there is a bar fight where you are injured, attacked, or assaulted, you may be able to sue the nightclub for damages.

Another example: if a bar patron is injured in a slip and fall on a spilled drink that was not cleaned up within a reasonable time, the customer may be able to may sue the nightclub for negligence.

Hire an attorney who is experienced and skilled at suing nightclubs and apartment complexes for damages. These cases can be challenging because nightclubs and apartment owners have their attorneys who know the law in this area and they are paid to defeat you.

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Apartment Complex Owners May Be Liable for Your Injuries

Nightclubs and apartments have a general duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining the property and keeping the premises in a reasonably safe condition. Where apartments or the nightclub fail to exercise reasonable care, they are considered to be in breach. A breach is a wrongful act.

For example, if you are renting an apartment and you are attacked or assaulted on the property, the landlord may be liable for damages and the court may decide they must pay for your damages. Or if you slip and fall in the common area, the apartment complex may liable if they have not kept the sidewalks and grounds safe.

We get paid only if we win.

An important element in any apartment or club security claim is causation. An injured bar patron must prove that the nightclub caused the harm or injury. It must be foreseeable to the nightclub that its actions or failure to act could cause injuries to its guests. Causation can relieve the nightclub of liability in many situations. An intoxicated person may simply fall on the dance floor and suffer a concussion and a broken wrist. The nightclub did not cause this injury and is therefore not liable. There are some injuries that cannot be avoided or prevented with safety measures and precautions.

The last and most easily provable element of a premises liability claim is damages. The term “damages” simply means the injury or harm suffered by the plaintiff in a lawsuit. The person suing the nightclub must prove that he or she was harmed or injured. Where a nightclub is found liable, the injured person may recover damages including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

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