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Houston’s Trusted Amputation Attorney

Losing a limb in an accident will mean a dramatic change in a person’s life. Adjusting to the loss of a limb or other body part typically means making major changes to:

  • How you work
  • How you care for yourself
  • How you care for others
  • Your mobility

In addition to these changes is the emotional impact of the loss. Speak with a trusted amputation attorney to help in your time of need. Successfully adapting to these changes can be an arduous and ongoing process. Your home, vehicle and workplace may require retrofitting to accommodate your new needs. These changes along with necessary medical care, prosthetic limbs and any other necessary medical equipment can create a serious financial burden that you should be compensated for.

Ensuring that you are well and fully compensated for your amputation requires the advocacy of a skilled attorney who can clearly identify and effectively pursue the true value of your loss.

We are committed to making sure that our clients who have lost a limb recover the compensation they need to be able to make successful adjustments to their lives. Amputation attorney Todd Webb will make sure to do everything in his power to recover the largest settlement possible. He understands that this will impact the rest of your life and takes it just as seriously.

We work to ensure that all manner of costs and losses are considered from the need for replacement prosthetic to any necessary home remodeling or vehicle retrofitting.

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