A dog biting a person wearing a pink suit

Dog Bite Injuries:

First and foremost there are no bad dog breeds, only bad dog owners. Dont let irresponsible dog owners get away with it! When the owner of a dog faces the incident where his or her pet viciously attacks and bites someone else, he or she may face the possibility of paying out damages to the victim.

Dog bite cases are not uncommon in rural or urban areas or where suburban communities are located. Animals are usually behind a fence, in a yard, tied up or on a leash with their owners. However, there are occasions when the dog is able to get loose and harm another. If this has happened to you, do not wait to receive the compensation you deserve.

Dog bites make up about 25 percent of all homeowner’s insurance policies. In response to the high number of dog bites, many homeowner’s insurance policies have stopped covering them due to the potential expensive claims. Dog bite claims represent about one billion dollars per year in insurance settlements.

Compensation payments owed for dog bite claims through an insurance company may be complicated and lead to severe aggravation. It is possible a personal injury lawyer is needed to ensure a settlement is reached and allocated to the victim of these attacks.

Common mistakes made when a dog bites

Not Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately

Some dog bite injury victims believe that the dog bite is not that serious. However, many dog bite injury victim cannot be absolutely certain that the dog does not have rabies. Additionally, a dog’s mouth may contain bacteria that cause serious infections that can spread through other parts of the body. When a victim seeks medical attention, medical staff can help close an open wound caused by the bite. Additionally, going to the emergency room immediately after the dog bite can help establish the link between the dog bite and the injury and provide important documentation to support the claim.

Failing to Report the Bite

Some people may be so traumatized after a dog bite that they do not think to notify police or animal control. Sometimes the dog owner will plead with the victim not to report the incident to animal control or the police and promise to pay for all medical bills just to renege later. Alerting the authorities allows the incident to be well-documented. Additionally, many jurisdictions have laws about dog bite injuries and statutory damages. Once the authorities are contacted, an investigation can be conducted to establish liability in the case.

Not Photographing Injuries

By the time that a dog bite injury is settled or is taken to a jury, the dog bite has healed. It may be difficult for others to realize the full extent of the damage based on the medical records alone. Photos of the dog bite injuries can help the jury see how serious the bite was and imagine how much pain it must have caused. Photographs of the initial injury and during the healing process can give the jury or insurance adjuster a better idea of how long the injury took to heal.

Not Getting Competent Legal Representation

Many dog bite victims attempt to settle their own claim without legal assistance. This is often the biggest mistake. Insurance companies are seasoned at trying to get out of paying claims or for settling claims for less than they are worth. Additionally, individuals who do not have legal assistance often do not have help in negotiating when they are going up against trained negotiators. They may believe that a settlement offer is a good deal but may not take into account the full extent of their damages. Insurance companies often try to pressure accident victims into quickly settling their claims before the full extent of injuries and other damages are realized. This can cause a person to settle for an amount that is less than what is fair and just compensation.

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