A roller coaster accident

Theme park Injury

Amusement parks, theme parks, and quasi-amusement parks such as carnivals and hayrides are a favorite form of entertainment here in Houston. But while these parks are typically safe for visitors, amusement park accidents can cause catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis. In extreme instances, amusement park accidents can even lead to the wrongful death of a patron.  These accidents can be overwhelmingly difficult physically, emotionally, and financially to the victims and their families.

Theme park lawsuits can seem overwhelming since it involves numerous areas of laws such as premise liability, product liability and personal injury. It is our hope that we may use our experience and expertise in this area of law to help protect the rights of people injured at theme parks.

Factors That Indicate Fault In Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement parks and ride manufacturers have a duty to fabricate and operate rides safely. If an operator or manufacturer breaches safety guidelines, the individual or business entity responsible may be liable for any deaths or injuries which result.

  • Improper machine operation due to lack of proper training or operator misbehavior.
  • Mechanical failures, structural flaws, and design defects.
  • Inadequate security measures.
  • Failure to post warning notices.
  • Lack of or improper maintenance procedures.
  • Loose cables or malfunctioning
  • Malfunctioning lap bars and safety lock failures.
  • Sharp and protruding parts.
  • Improper height or weight restrictions.
  • Abrupt starts and stops.
  • Improper loading and unloading procedures.
  • Improper assembly or installation.
  • Failure to shut off or come to an emergency stop.
  • Inadequate lighting.
  • Electrical shorts and failures.
  • Exposed electrical wires

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