18 wheeler truck accidents

18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

18 wheeler truck accidents are a common occurrence on our roadways. In 2015, large trucks were involved in 87,000 crashes that caused injury. There were also 4,050 large trucks involved in fatal crashes. Most of these injuries and deaths caused by 18 wheeler trucks were suffered by the occupants of the smaller vehicle and not the truck’s occupants. Nearly 70% of the fatalities in large truck crashes were occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Crashes involving commercial vehicles can be caused by any number of factors, including speeding, distraction and impairment. Fatigue is also a major problem among truck drivers, who often work long, grueling hours to meet the demands of their jobs.

18 wheeler and truck wrecks cause devastation that lingers after the crash. The physical, mental and emotional injuries resulting from auto and semi crashes can last months or even years. Victims also experience financial consequences that can include falling behind on medical bills, house payments and other costs of daily living as they recover. If they are unable to work because of their injuries or if a loved one died because of the accident, people may feel they are alone with no one to help.

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